quarta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2013

from RenatoLeoncio import PypelineTool as pype

Based on Pipeline Ss developed by Henrique Edmx, I wrote this tool.

  tool functions:
  • Set an existent project.
  • Create hierarchy and naming convention scenes.
  • Get Scene TreeView shows you scene folder of current project as root, where you have with RMB(right mouse button): "Open Scene...", "Create Reference..." and "import"(it works with *.mb, *.ma, *.obj, *.fbx files).
  • Saveplus saves next version of the work in progress(WIP folder).
  • Replane Artist saves next version changing artist name of the work in progress.
  • For all kinds of saves you can make with this tool, it'll save a final version out of WIP folder.
  • If you make changes in final version scene, it'll save one more version of the work in progress.
  • You can make notes for all maya files and Pype get the user who make it.
  • You can take screen pictures of open scene.

  Developed with Python and PyQt.
  Thanks Henrique Freitas, Richard Kazuo and Rosenio Pinto for help me and show me solutions and Thales Simonato for research.

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