terça-feira, 19 de novembro de 2013


  After I started working at Tribbo Post, since I was hired to develop an AutoRig with my co-worker Henrique Freitas, I'm studying more scripting than rigging(I've just started scripting it). So, before I start to work on this tool, I've make some tools and the development brought some boring things like UIs.

  UI development in Maya with maya.cmds is one of the most disorganize and confusing things I worked, but one miracle day, I see, right there, CGCircuit Lesson - Qt Design to Maya - Essentials and I was stunned by it and how it could do better and faster UI development, so I immediatly started studying PyQt.

  How does it work?
  Both programmers and users have to install some things to use tools with Qt.

  Now, we can programming our UIs with PyQt(for more control) or make it in Qt design. Enjoy it!

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